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AkiiKollections started in 2010, to show how to make your house match your style. After a good 10-year investing time and patience, AkiiKollections became known all over Canada, becoming a source of inspiration for many designers to learn new things.

Our Founder

David E. New started as a wholesaler buyer in 2005 to provide an economic solution to his financial problems. He had the dream of making a website where he could review his love for interior design, the pieces he buys, how he uses them in the space, and even inspire others to do the same.

The Road Was Not Easy

At first, when David had the idea of starting the website, money was one of the big problems. That didn’t make him stop dreaming about it, as slowly but surely, he made it possible in April of 2010.

We provide only the best products in the business because our clients deserve nothing but the best. Also, we think anyone can be creative and renovate their place by following simple instructions and exploring their creative side.

Difference between Other Websites

We distinguish ourselves from others because we work for customers, we don’t work for ourselves.  We are always in the disposition to help whenever the client needs because we are a family business, everything stays in the family and everyone has their function in all of this.

Our Achievements

We launched our first collection in partnership with a big company that has many stores around the world. In October of 2017, David published his first e-book that talks about easy and affordable interior design ideas to revamp every area of your house.