A Journey to the Land of the Spirits


The American Indian culture is to me a source of fascination.


Beyond the evident beauty of the indians' arts and crafts, I am inspired and intrigued by the spirituality present in all that surrounds them and by the unique bond their members share with nature and its elements.


Our western world’s imaginations are filled with pictures of wild horseback rides on smoky plains, charismatic chiefs in their flamboyant attires, brave warriors, shamans behind their scary masks, spellbinding dances and incantations...and to these images we associate daily or symbolic objects such as jewelry, costumes and dream catchers, wampums, feathered headdresses, embroideries, calumets, etc


My love in general for primitive arts finds here an extraordinary source of amazement and inspiration.


So I set out to find Indian craftsmen and artists with whom I could deepen my knowledge of this ancient culture and build professional relationships that could lead to innovative ideas.


That's how I came to meet several enthusiasts from different communities who deploy an inexhaustible amount of energy to preserve their rich cultural heritage and transmit their know-how to younger generations.


Amongst the First Nations of eastern Canada, the Wendat are very involved in this process of cultural revitalization. It thus seemed obvious that one of my first visits should be to Wendake, their fief next to the city of Quebec and it was there that I had my first chance to learn from accomplished craftsmen and enthusiasts.


On this website, you'll discover the first items that I selected among existing collections from Wendaké as well as a line of moccasins that are the result of my first artistic collaboration with Ginette Bastien.


I sincerely hope this is just the beginning of a long series of discoveries, encounters and new designs.


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