A small tribute to creative minds

In these barbaric times, artists and creators of all disciplines are a blessing.

It’s already been almost a year since I embarked on the Akii Kollections adventure, and if during that time I continued to confront the dreaded blank page of my sketchbook, I also spent a great deal of time exploring the obscure meanderings of the Internet, where I discovered esoteric terms such as « Algorithms », « SEO », « Robots meta », « Permalinks » or « Adwords », that I still don’t fully understand...Thankfully, these very boring and frustrating studies sometimes led me to websites or pages of passionate creators or design enthusiasts who, in spite of the very distressing daily news, managed to bring me inspiration, joy and optimism.

And so, as a token of gratitude, I’d like to share some of these discoveries with you, even if it means breaking the « sacred rules » of web marketing that would command me to do all in my power to keep you on my web site.

You’ll find the links in the « comments » section of this page and I hope you’ll contribute to them by adding your own favorites for us to discover.

I’m also happy to pay this humble tribute, as I know that behind the beautiful products, the amazing pictures and the inspiring atmospheres, there are countless hours of brain picking and doubt. The path to making a decent living as an artist of any kind is a hazardous one often paved with painful criticism, or worse, indifference. And yet there are many creators out there who, despite the impressive obstacles, continue to find ways to share laughter, beauty, innovation, wit...

So thank you !

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