Crazy Days Studio

« Crazy Days Studio » is the story of four friends and designers.

Sophie, Géraldine, Rodolphe and I founded this design studio after we ended our collaboration with an ambitious interior decoration company. At the time, we were the artistic team of this firm in which there was a rampant disease we called « Acute reunionitis ». We were then surrounded by « men in black » and buried under « briefs », « debriefs », « reportings », « sales force sessions » and other meetings of all sorts.

To preserve our creative enthusiasm, we took the habit of meeting « after hours » with our notebooks, pencils and ideas. These late and informal meetings gave birth to several collections we are very proud of.

« Crazy Days Studio » was named after these schizophrenic times of our lives.

Today, we are scattered around the world but we get together as often as possible in Montreal, Paris or Marrakech, to brainstorm on new ideas.

We enjoy sitting at kitchen tables, drinking good wine and creating objects and accessories that don't meet any « marketing impact studies » or « consumer surveys ». Crazy Days Studio is about having fun, doing what we love.

Joking aside, I would like to mention here all the esteem I have for my partners.

Sophie, the finesse and elegance of your creations are the perfect reflection of your person. I love participating in your everlasting quest for excellence.

Geraldine or « Golden Eye ». You have the innate gift of beauty, style and fashion. Your insightful perspectives on your own artistic choices and those of other designers are always of impressive accuracy.

And Rodolphe ; The unbridled imagination. You have the love of challenge pegged to your body. I’m fascinated by the energy you emit and share to all who surround you.

Thank you my friends.