Ginette Bastien

Ginette Bastien, of the Wendat nation, is the worthy heir to one of the great families that gave their community great leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

I really loved how, on our first meeting in her workshop, she gave strict instructions to her assistant to only disturb her in case of an emergency and how that emergency manifested itself after three minutes with a call from her little niece in distress who had just lost the recipe to a desert she was preparing. I found very refreshing how Ginette, understanding how critical this problem was, took the time to walk her niece through all the necessary steps of the recipe without ever losing focus on what we were doing. At the end of the day, we had one fine collection and one perfect « Pudding Chomeur » for the little girl's father's birthday. Fantastic !

Beyond this little story, that reveals her great personality, I must tell you that Ginette Bastien is at the head of a family business that employs a dozen artisans. Together they perpetrate the art of moccasin production in a workshop where conviviality and excellence happily coexist.

Ginette generously passes on her know-how to employees and elegantly welcomes new ideas.

I look very forward to broadening our collections together.