Feathers in the wind…of fashion

Feathers are the accessory of the moment. I’m delighted by this latest fad as I love their grace, their elegance, their fragility and the almost infinite variety of their shapes and colours.

But beyond their obvious esthetic beauty, I’m also intrigued by the symbolic role they play in American Indian culture and I wanted to pay a tribute to them through a small collection of jewelry and Dream catchers presented here.

The tradition states that feathers have the means to attract positive energies and to scatter the evil ones. Thus, they naturally take part in healing rituals.

Furthermore, it is said in the American Indian tradition that feathers pass on to men who wear them the essential qualities of the birds they belonged to. And so, the eagle, master of the skies, who flies closest to the Great Spirit and sees everything, transmits power and intelligence. Its feathers are worn by the great chiefs as a token of their grandeur. The sizes, shapes and colours of the feathers on their headdresses tell stories of victories, wounds suffered or inflicted, scalps obtained,...

To this civilization, where history and knowledge were exclusively transmitted orally, panaches, along with Wampums (belts embroidered with beads), were precious means for safekeeping the historical memory of the tribes.

Duck feathers ease the passage to adult life, those of the dove symbolize peace and love and that of the cock courage and victory of the day over the night. The feather of a swan evokes beauty and grace, and that of the crow the mourning.

The hawk embodies knowledge and understanding of the world and its feathers are therefor often associated with the shaman ceremonies. The seagull is freedom, the sparrow luck, the goose cure for disease and the owl knowledge of secret worlds.

The feather of the hen that I chose for the logo of this website, is the protector of our homes.

And of course, the parrot symbolizes communication...

As you see, feathers are much more than a fashion accessory. They are a little extra soul in our contemporary world.

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