Marrakech, My City, My Souk

Marrakech, my city, my Souk. I'm sure many of you know Marrakech and its medina (old city). I lived there for 17 years, much of which in the immediate vicinity of the souks, immersed amongst the bustling community of merchants and artisans with whom I shared countless anecdotes, ranging from outright hilarious to truly infuriating, along with magical moments of friendship and discovery. The merchants of the souk in Marrakech started out as clients for me when I started producing my first ceramic pieces. Some have remained friends since the chaotic early days of my Moroccan "career."

At the time, I was so often in those streets that it happened on several occasions that I gave great moments of laughter to my Moroccan friends when, approached by young “false guides” from Marrakech but other neighbourhoods, I suggested that I be the one to give them the tour. I'm secretly proud that some pieces from our workshop are now manufactured and sold by many in the souks as "classics " of Moroccan craftsmanship.

I consider it a great reward for my years of work. Like the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, the Souk of Marrakech is a truly magical place, pulsating with life, where the senses are awakened and where ideas and the desire to create arise naturally. In the midst of this fantastic maelstrom some "wisemen" maintain the tradition of the great merchants of the East.

You will find here a selection of articles discovered in the "Ali Baba" caves that are their riads and foundouks (the caravanserais of our childhood tales). Also hidden in the medina, at the end of unexpected alleys, are small workshops anchored in time, where artisans still patiently weave on ancient looms the throws and blankets I present here. And in the tradition of the ancient caravans, fabrics originating from the edge of the Sahara are transformed by Marrakech upholsterers to offer our interiors the beautiful ethnic cushions that you will find on this web site.

The bond that unites me to the red city won’t be broken by my recent move to Montreal and I will strive constantly to find new and inspiring pieces to brighten these pages and our homes. Stay tuned lovers of Morocco and its countless treasures... Salam .

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