Winter’s Coming | Time to Cozy up Your Home!

There's that nip in the air again.


It’s still lurking in the shadows most of the time, but it’s definitely there, not far away and heading straight for us. Winter is coming!


If you’ve never watched Game of Thrones (go watch it now, this article can wait!) and are reading this article from beyond the borders of Canada you might not fully understand the impact of those 3 words on us. They scare us. When we hear them, we feel a mix of dread, anticipation and, hopefully for some, excitement.


We ask ourselves crucial questions like: “How cold will it get this year -30°? -40°?”, “How many feet of snow or worse, ice, will I have to shovel all winter to get out of my home or to free my car?”, “Which is my car?”, “When will I see a blade of grass or a flower outside again?”, “When will I see my neighbours again?” and even “Will I still recognize my neighbours next spring?!” Well, that last question probably really only concerns me...

We also know that to make it through the winter we need to go with it, not against it.


Those who don’t, get depressed.  They hide and eventually they disappear. So those three words are not to be taken lightly. They demand attention. They mean it’s time to unearth our winter sports equipment, unpack our warm comfy clothes (for those who didn’t burn them last spring) and turn on the full cocooning mode in our homes.


To be honest, I personally like changing wardrobes. By the end of summer I look forward to putting away my summer outfits and bringing out the heavy duty stuff. I don’t mean the moonboots and astronaut suits, I mean the long coats, the scarves, the tweed pants, corduroy, my fluffy fake fur bag that I bought at Monoprix in Paris, the hats and the general change of my wardrobe’s colour palette.


Truth is winter fashion can be fun and inspiring, and adapting our home decor with the season is too.



Winter Fashion Design



A cozy home isn’t just about the floating aroma of home cooked meals and burning logs in the fireplace. There are many other ways to create inviting and snug interiors you’ll never want to leave.  Here are some ideas listed in no particular order.




Adding Soft Textures



During winter, we instinctively want everything to be soft. Nothing rough or itchy can be tolerated.  Even if it looks itchy it’s no good to us.  So choosing the right fabrics for your living room or bedroom is essential. A cotton blanket with big handmade pompoms, a thick fake fur throw or an ethnic plaid on the sofa are some effective options.







Decorate With Wood



Wood is a natural element that reads warm and homey. It is the perfect, organic touch to add to nearly any space that is coming off too cool. Of course, if you’re a lucky owner of parquet floors you can skip this chapter, but if you’re not, think about accessorizing with accessories like wood pots, stools, bowls or even simple well placed branches.



Decorate with Wood - Home Decor




Ambient Lighting Is Everything



The most efficient light in a home is natural light, but unfortunately there are times in the year when we need to rely on artificial alternatives.   That’s when you must consider that all lighting is not alike!

With the introduction of fantastic, energy saving LED light bulbs, out went the beauty of soft, incandescent light for many.

 Thankfully, manufacturers are now offering a "soft yellow" light bulb option.

 Ambient lighting is crucial in creating a cozy, inviting space. Cool, white light can sometimes read sterile and laboratory like in nature.

Of course, it works amazing in some spaces, especially in certain ultra modern, sleek environments, but since what we are seeking here is snug intimate lighting, and the point is not to hire a lighting consultant (which I would definitely recommend if you want to go all out), the first step is to unify the colour temperature (measured in degrees Kelvin) of the different light bulbs in each room and to put dimmers wherever you can and especially on all overhead lighting.  

The next step is to add indirect light sources such as table lamps, votives and candles for the final shimmering glow.







Strategically Placed  Metals


Warmth isn't just a feeling, it's also a visual experience.

 Contrary to popular belief metals are warm materials that add character and style to our homes.

 Adding vintage or recycled materials and certain metals reflects a joie de vivre that is charming and very welcoming.  Copper for example, beautifully reflects light and has a warm, fiery color that is soothing.  It’s why we choose this material for our multifunctional copper lamp collection.

 How convenient to have reading books and magazines within arm’s reach under the soft light of a unique copper table lamp.







Choosing the Right Shades



If you want to add more depth to your home décor with colors, remember that there are warm and cool shades within every color.  Reds aren't always warm, and certain shades of blue are incredibly cozy.


Reds and oranges with spicy undertones like pumpkin, rust and burnished copper, and deep navy and indigo blues can all be excellent options, as well as mustard and gold, fuchsia and aubergine or grays with a touch of brown in their base. Some colors that come off as cool, if displayed on a canvas of warmer texture, like velvet or wool, can still pull off a fabulous and cozy feel.


Just remember to think in terms of both color and texture when selecting items to cozy up your space.  And if you’re stuck stick to natural colours!






And last but not least, remember that creating a cozy home is really not about adding stuff!

It’s about choosing with care everything that surrounds us in the one place we are all kings and queens. We obviously don’t all have the same needs, but in my experience, decluttering is essential to creating a happy inviting home.  Don’t be a slave to your inheritance or to things you wanted before and don’t anymore. If you’re not the same person you were 5 or 10 years ago than your house shouldn’t be either!







Charlotte Barkwoski










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