Why is Interior Design and Home Decor such a Profitable Industry?

Decorative products have become essential pieces for our homes and daily coexistence. From the largest furniture for TVs and books to bathroom items and carpets at the entrance of our houses, these products have been in great demand in the market every year.

The demand is so high that it is estimated that for next year, the market for decoration products will increase by up to 60% in profits. Here’re the reasons why.

Aggressive Advertising

Thanks to the advance of technology, the interior design and home décor market have been able to proliferate through internet sales via e-commerce. At the same time,thanks to social media contributing to the promotion and advertising of practically any business, products are more accessible now.


Key Pointers to Success

To achieve a successful interior design and home decor business, you have to do a market study considering factors such as location, competition, and consumer needs. An adequate marketing strategy and evaluating the balance between price and quality is also necessary. It’s not just about creating nice-looking designs and putting them on sale.

Changing the Market

Consumers are conscious of their surroundings and with the new trends in favour of ecology and care for the environment, consumers now prefer eco-friendly decorations. This becomes a key growth factor in the market, as some of the highly demanded home décor pieces made from reclaimed, recycled materials are sold at really high prices.

It should also be noted that in developed countries, people’s incomes have increased, generating more demand for products, and thus creating growth. Unfortunately, the market for poor quality, imitation products has also increased and as a consequence, the industry cannot grow any faster.

If you are new and want to begin with your start-up, it is best to start with low risk and low investment products for your business. You can start with small, basic decoration products such as eye-catching vases or fun creative pieces that you can make yourself and sell online. Always remember to study the demands of today’s customers.